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Let Us Arrange Your Transport

At Southern Cross Containers, we can arrange transport of your purchased container. Customers have the option of choosing between three types of trucks available in the metropolitan area. The type of transport used to deliver your container will depend on a number of issues, which can be discussed when purchasing your container. Transport charges are dependent on the kilometers travelled and the fuel levy applicable at the date of delivery.


Transport can usually be arranged within 48 hours of purchase but is dependent on availability and location. When preparing for a container to be delivered it is important that there are no obstructions at the delivery site e.g. height restrictions, overhanging branches, electrical wiring, uneven surfaces. Any delays will result in additional transport charges or an inability to offload the container.


Below are the types of trucks available to move containers: 

  1. Sideloader - These trucks offload and pick up containers to the side of the truck and are useful when delivering or collecting a container with heavy cargo. 

  2. Tilt Tray - These trucks offload containers by tilting the tray of the truck and sliding the container onto the ground. The truck then drives away leaving the container in position. If using this type of transport it is imperative the container is loaded onto the truck with the doors facing the way you wish to access them once the truck drives off i.e. container to be loaded on truck with doors to cab or doors to the rear. This is also the most common way to transport empty containers to site. 

  3. Hiab - These trucks can offload a container from the side or at right angles. This type of transport would be used when delivering a container into a particular position i.e. over a fence, or curb, or a difficult location.

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Moving Interstate?

Allow us to organise transport of your container/s across the country.

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