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Frequently Asked Questions

What containers do you sell? 

We predominantly sell 10 foot, 20 foot, 40 foot and high cube containers. The dimensions of the containers can be found by clicking HERE.

What are the dimensions of shipping containers? 
The dimensions of the containers are found on the Container Sizes page or by clicking HERE.

What is a container made of? 

Containers are built to standard ISO freight requirements and are designed to withstand the wear and tear of sea travel. They are constructed with Corten steel, which is a high tensile steel rigid framework with corrugated steel walls and doors. Internal floors are treated timber, 27mm thick, mounted on steel cross members. Door options range from single doors one end, tri-door which includes a single access at front of container, double doors which have 2 doors at both ends, and side opening. Doors are retained by 1 or 2 full height locking bars; all fitted with lockable handles.

How secure are shipping containers? 

Shipping containers are very secure. They are pest and vermin proof, as well as wind and weatherproof. There is provision for a padlock to be fitted to the door; however, we recommend our customers install a steel Lock Box for added security if they need their container to be vandal proof. A Lock Box is designed to render the container’s lock from being tampered with. All General Purpose Containers have lock boxes pre-installed.


Can you put a container anywhere? 

Within reason, we can get a container almost anywhere. All our shipping containers have specially designed corner castings for lifting and positioning. We mainly use a tilt tray truck for delivery but can also use special hiab trucks fitted with their own crane to deliver the shipping containers. We have a range of truck options HERE. When preparing for a container to be delivered, it is important there are no obstructions at the delivery site i.e. height restrictions, overhanging branches, electrical wiring, uneven surfaces etc. as any delays will result in additional transport charges or an inability to offload the container.


What should I put underneath the container? 
Shipping containers should be placed on level ground, otherwise you may find it difficult to open and shut the container doors. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and you have the materials to make the container site level. An example of suitable materials are treated pine railway sleepers which can be placed underneath the container at each end.


Can shipping containers be selected, so we know exactly what we are buying? 
Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can complete the GENERAL ENQUIRY FORM and we will be in contact shortly to discuss your options.


How and when do we pay?

Payment methods we accept are: Paypal, cash, company cheque, credit card and direct bank transfer. For container purchases we require payment prior to delivery or release unless otherwise arranged. Hiring a container requires an upfront fee for the first month, along with transport to site and depot charges.


What maintenance do I need to carry out? 
Little or no maintenance is required as containers are very solid and durable, but it is a good idea to ensure the doors are kept in good working order. Therefore, we recommend that you grease the door hinges and locking rods at regular intervals.   

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